Monday, May 21, 2007

SkyBus Starts OAK Service June 12

Skybus, a big time budget carrier begins OAK service next month. The carrier is based out of CMH - Columbus, Ohio and is offering $10 seats on 10 seats of each flight anywhere they fly those birds.

Of course, just like Consumer Reports magazine might do, we put it to the test. Yupp. It seems to be true.

This airline has brother and sister airlines all around the world - RyanAir, Air Asia, etc who offer low frills (or perhaps NO frills) at low fares. The greyhound buses of the sky. They take you from point A to point B, and you C your way off the plane. Want something more? No problem, for a small fee, you to can enjoy your favorite beverage, movie, or the die-cast model airplane.

A true test in "you get what you pay for". They have an interesting business model. If nothing else, a test to other carriers who were previously hailed "budget carriers" such as Southwest Airlines and Jet Blue.

More information about Skybus can be found here