Wednesday, June 6, 2007

American downgrades miles expiration policy

American Airlines joins United and U.S Airways as airlines that cap the lifespan of earned frequent flyer miles to 18 months, down from 3 years. You must have valid activity (ie: earned miles) in the account in order for the 18 months to reset. If you fail to maintain an active account, your miles will cease to exist.

Many people have complained about how frequent flyer programmes are stiffening policies, and this is yet another example. In reality however, the policy is not that difficult to follow. One car rental every 18 months, where American Airlines is a valid partner is a qualifying activity to keep your account active. Opinion Place, an online survey site allows you to earn AA miles for voicing your opinion; again, a valid activity to keep your AA frequent flyer program active.

In the end, this policy will allow airlines to truly drop infrequent flyers & people uninterested in keeping a relationship with the particular airline.