Monday, June 25, 2007

Low Cost (International) Carrier - Oasis, coming to Oakland

LCC Oasis Airlines based out of Hong Kong says it will soon be flying the long awaited Oakland - Hong Kong route later this year. Oasis, which began flying just last year, currently operates London-Hong Kong will begin Vancouver to Hong Kong service later this week.

Per their website, service between Oakland and Hong Kong will begin shortly after the Vancouver service commences followed by other worldwide destinations.

What makes Oasis unique is its long-range International flights. Most LCC operate within regions of the world. Oasis, which says it offers basic meal and beverage service in the main cabin, will be utilizing 747-400 aircraft formerly owned by Singapore & ANA Airlines. Their business plan asserts that by flying long range routes, they can save on preset expenses incurred when flying multiple shorter distance cities thereby offering lower fares to its customers.