Thursday, June 21, 2007

Pick a seat...any seat...then show us the money

AirTran begins a service allowing customers to choose their seat assignment at the time of booking their airline ticket, for a fee.

Most airlines allow you to pick the place to park your bosom on board the plane well before you hop on board. With AirTran, most customers select their seats day of departure. This new optional service allows mid and low priced ticket holders the ability to reserve certain seats in advance, including emergency row for a fee from $5-$15 each way rather scooping up whatever seats may be left on day of departure. Premium class and high priced Y,B, & M fares are not subject to the fee.

For a family of 4, an added cost of up to $120 to sit together cuts into the budget of a vacation.
For a solo 6'2 traveler, $30 for an emergency exit row seat might be appealing.

Good and Bad.