Saturday, June 30, 2007

Virgin America: 1 Million seats go on sale in coming months

The federal government recently gave Virgin America 2 thumbs up to rev up their engines and take flight in the U.S. In response, Virgin then hired hundreds of folks, the drivers of airline, whisked them through new employee orientations and now seemingly ready for departures into the sky. But, so far there are no confirmed reservations on any flight. That will soon change.

According to
InSide BayArea, Virgin America is now waiting on one final government hurdle - authorization to sell tickets. They've been cleared to have the airline, a-OK to have planes and use the airports - but to sell tickets, have passengers, and make money on flights, well, that's one last government hurdle. Once that is completed, likely sooner than later according to company big Whigs, expect a million seats to go on sale over a 4-5 month period.

Virgin America is a start-up airline based in San Francisco (Burlingame). Over the past couple years the airline has worked to get the airline operational, most recently pleading with the public and government to allow them to open for business. Virgin America has announced they will start flying by late summer with an initial route SFO-New York's JFK, followed by other popular routes within the U.S. They have marketed the airline as offering enhanced on board entertainment and customer service - without the hefty price tag.