Friday, November 23, 2007

Earning cash-back & frequent flyer miles for online purchases

"Black Friday" is upon us, and like animals hunting for prey in the wild, shoppers around the country are in rapid chase to find the perfect holiday bargain. But some of the best bargains can be found online, in the safety of your own home.

Many online businesses are offering incentives such as free shipping or coupons for post-Thanksgiving purchases. But, you can even do better: A website called RewardsDB adds icing to the cake by telling you where cash-back or frequent flyer miles can be earned for shopping at certain websites. (And you typically don't earn these bonuses by shopping at the brick & mortar stores).

Websites that you may already use or have considered such as and Expedia which sometimes already have great deals, give an extra little commission for shopping with them. It's easy and nearly an automatic process.

Visit the RewardsDB website for more details.