Wednesday, January 16, 2008

Delayed Passengers at SFO - pillows and sleepers now available

San Francisco International has taken a bold move to help extinguish customer frustrations for certain plane delays. Under a new plan now available, if a plane has boarded and then is delayed for longer than an hour, airline personnel {should} notify the airport who will then initiate some special TLC for the passengers; booze and pretzels for all! (No).

This special care includes:
1. Deplane passengers into the International Terminal where additional restroom facilities will be available. 2. Allow people to walk around a bit, not feel cramped sitting and waiting on the plane. 3. Provide sleeping pads, pillows and sheets during instances when passengers must remain in the terminal overnight.

The plan is voluntary for the airlines, and they must contact the airport directly in order for the plan to kick-in.