Thursday, January 24, 2008

Worst hotel ever?

While they certainly aren't the official ratings or rankings, hotel guests have long used to post reviews and experience ratings. Contrary to the prestigious T+L hotel ratings, some hotels are at the top of the charts in less admirable ways.

For example, users of rated the Hotel Carter in New York City as one of the dirtiest hotels in the United States. Here's a few excerpts from some mildly opinionated guest reviews:

"All of the reviews you read about hotel carter are accurate. Police in the lobby, blood stained sheets, filth, horrid staff. Our room looked as if it hadn't been cleaned in about 18 years. I have never in my life seen anything like this."

"On arrival I found that there were various small bugs in the room and paint crumbling off the walls in the bathroom and bedroom."

"When telling the cab driver at JFK where we were staying he instructed us not to leave anything in our rooms. (bad start!) On arrival at the hotel at about 7pm there were 3 prostitutes standing outside."

"Four of us stayed in this so called hotel over the new years eve weekend. Our room was disgusting, filthy carpet with ash, ash in the drawers and even cigarette butts left around. The bathroom had hairs all over the place, and let me tell you they weren't all head hairs."

"This hotel is good for one thing that is burning downit is the most discusting place i have ever stayed in i checked out after one3 hour stay as the smell of stale sweat and grease is un bearable the rooms are filthey cold unheathy"