Thursday, February 21, 2008

Relax Inside Airport Lounges of the World

By Mike Grasso

Airport lounges are typically complimentary to travelers flying in Business or First Class, those who pay an annual club fee of $250-$500, or in some cases being an elite member of an airline. Depending on the airline and location of the lounge, anything from finger foods right on up to full world-class fine dining is offered. Some lounges include made to order drinks, hot showers (great for those long international flights) and full body massage. Probably the biggest benefit though is the escape from the masses of the airport, relaxing in quiet comfortable seating, and soaking up the pampering of services offered.

I've personally visited lounges around the world, and am particularly fond of international airlines' offerings. Malaysia and Singapore Airlines, especially in their home cities, provide top-notch food and amenities to lounge guests.

One of the best kept secrets in the airline industry is using frequent flier miles for business class tickets (often a better deal point-for-dollar than redeeming for a domestic airline ticket) usually scores you complimentary lounge access for the entire trip. So if you're flying from San Francisco to Shanghai, you can treat yourself to lounges in San Francisco, Shanghai and any other connection city.

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