Monday, February 4, 2008

Free Wi-Fi at airports throughout the world

Like most travelers, business travelers want a no hassle airport experience. Delays and cancellations are not only time consuming and bad for business, but also cause restlessness and frustration of the traveler. The introduction of Wi-Fi in airports meant travelers can remain fairly connected to the world and limit problems associated with travel related delays. But from the very introduction of Wi-Fi came a cost for the service.

Airports are wise to the needs of travelers and began offering wireless service to meet the needs of travelers. A 24-hour pass typically runs around $10, a small cost for a business that desires productive travelers. But there's a little known secret that many airports offer free Wi-Fi for travelers flying to/from or through. Although most of these free Wi-Fi spots in the United States are small and middle sized markets such as Las Vegas, Phoenix, Portland, Charlotte, Orlando and Sacramento, several mega cities throughout the world also offer the service at no charge.

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