Monday, May 12, 2008

United Increases Fees for Award Travel

According to an update on the United website, higher fees will be incurred when making or changing award travel reservations with United Airlines.

  • Change fee of $150 applies for changing the routing or destination of an existing ticket. (Originally $100 fee)

  • $150 fee if you decide to cancel your ticket and redeposit miles. (Originally $100)

  • $25 fee for booking award travel with United Reservations phone reps, such as when booking with United partners. (Originally $15)

Additionally, the "last minute travel" processing fees policy has changed. You will now pay a fee of $75 for booking within 3 weeks, or $100 for booking within 1 week of your requested departure date. Previously the airline did not penalize you for booking travel 2 weeks or more in advance.

These new changes go into effect on May 15th, 2008. Tickets booked prior to this retain the original rules and fee structure. Click here for more information.