Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Delta Hikes Baggage Fees

By Mike Grasso
Perhaps one day soon the fees to transport luggage may cost more than the passenger's airline ticket

In a press release Tuesday, Delta Airlines announced the increase of checked-bag fees; this impacts the quantity, the weight, and the size of bags. First and foremost, Delta continues to offer one free checked bag, as long as it meets the weight and size guidelines. Deviations from this one-bag policy will result in fees, fees and more fees. Here we go:

1st Bag checked - FREE
2nd Bag checked - $50 bucks for domestic flights (previously $25)
Plus higher fees for additional bags

Trying to pack your one piece of luggage as full and heavy as possible to avoid the 2nd bag fee? Delta is on to you! =)

Any checked bag - 51-70 pounds = $90 fee for domestic flights (previously $80)
Plus higher fees for heavier baggage

Finally, if the dimensions of said baggage exceed 63" inches, a $175 fee is levied (up from $150)
Anything over 80" is not permitted.

An example of how all these fees come together is best illustrated by an example on the Delta website: Check in an extra piece of luggage that goes over the weight limit and over the size limit, you get charged 3 different fees - each way. This would make for a painful vacation for an uninformed family flying out on vacation.

Some or all fees are excluded for passengers flying first or business class, flying internationally, or Delta Medallion members. For everyone else, the fee hikes begin for tickets sold on or after July 31st, for travel on or after August 5, 2008. Click here for all the details.