Wednesday, July 9, 2008

Northwest Institutes 'Service Fee' On Award Travel

One of several new/adjusted fees and personnel reductions announced by the airline
Just two weeks after Delta Airlines announced they would slap a fuel surcharge on all award redemption's, Northwest Airlines jumped on board and confirmed they too will institute a similar fee.

Described in a Northwest press release as a temporary "service fee" to offset fuel costs, passengers redeeming Northwest Worldperks miles will soon pay a fuel surcharge ranging from $25 for domestic travel, all the way up to $100 for trans-Pacific flights. The fee will be charged for ticketed itineraries beginning September 15th.

That's not all. Changing your itinerary will cost extra too. Beginning today, changes to non-refundable domestic tickets will increase $50 to $150. Changes to International itineraries will be hiked by as much as $150 more than present fees, depending on class of service and other restrictions.

The airline is matching several other carriers $15 first checked bag fee for tickets being sold as early as July 10th. No more checking your bags in for free.