Tuesday, September 16, 2008

Double Amtrak Guest Rewards Points Offer

Ride the Rails of Amtrak this Fall and receive double points.

If you have traveled by air or car any great distance lately, you realize how the cost of fuel has taken a toll on the pocketbook. More than ever, consumers are paying more to fill up the car, and paying extra fees so the airlines can fill up their gas tanks as well.

Have you considered the rail alternative? Although Amtrak offers extensive East Coast routes, some of the most scenic routes in the country are here on the West Coast. Click here for a .pdf route map. Plus, they operate a high frequency commuter route between the Bay Area and the State Capitol. More importantly, you escape the fuel surcharge.

If you haven't taken a ride on the rail, now may be a great time. Currently Amtrak Guest Rewards is offering system wide double points for travel between September 15 and December 12, 2008. Members of Amtrak's frequent travel program can register for the promotion by clicking here.

So forget about airport check-in, security lines, delays, luggage fees, fuel surcharges - consider Amtrak for some of your future travels.