Thursday, November 20, 2008

U.S Airways Reinstates Bonus Miles For Elites

In a press release today, U.S Airways announced the return of bonus miles for most flight activity and the 500-mile minimum perk, for all Dividend Miles elite members. 
Beginning November 20th, Dividend Miles elite members will receive bonus miles commensurate with their status level. For example, Gold members will receive 50% bonus miles for all eligible flights. The airline says it will retroactively credit members accounts back to August 6th, 2008, when the bonus miles perk was taken away. 

Further, Elite members will again appreciate the return of the 500-mile minimum accrual rule. Since May, the airline was awarding frequent flier miles based on the actual mileage flown - even on very short flights of say 300 miles. Now passengers who fly these short-haul flights will be given a minimum 500 miles. Again, the airline says it will retroactively credit passengers back to May. 

Dividend Miles members should expect all retroactive credits to appear on their December 2008 Dividend Miles account statements.  Full press release.