Friday, December 19, 2008

Couple Sues United Airlines for Overserving Husband

This story was intended for today's, "Friday Fun" section, but after you read the arguments, you realize this is some pretty serious stuff. 

The case involves and husband and wife traveling on a United Airlines flight from Osaka, Japan to San Francisco. According to the lawsuit, United flight crew served Yoichi Shimamoto alcohol in 20-minute intervals, causing him to become inebriated and unable to control himself. 

The lawsuit claims that once deplaning, Mr. Shimamoto struck his wife, Ayisha, several times in the face and upper lip, as they were heading through U.S Customs. Shimamoto was arrested and charged for disorderly conduct and battery. 

Both the husband and wife are now suing United Airlines for "negligently" over serving alcohol to the husband. 

Legal analysts say if a bartender negligently served an obviously drunk patron, the bartender could be held liable. But, since the act occurred over the Pacific Ocean, International law - which sometimes conflicts with State law, may apply. Read the U.S.A Today Story