Monday, December 8, 2008

Virgin America's Newest Destination: Boston

In a press release today, Virgin America announced it will begin flights from the West Coast to Boston-Logan beginning February 12th.

Boston represents the eighth city in Virgin America's growing network.

The announcement comes just after Virgin announced it was suspending plans to expand into Chicago O'Hare, after failing to secure gate space.

"We'd been talking to Logan since the beginning of operations in August," David Cush, President and CEO of Virgin America said in the press release. "But things really heated up last week. We had some planes coming in, and we wanted to be able to put them in operation. So when it came time to look at pulling the plug on Chicago, we got in touch with the people at Logan, and they were able to work out a nice offer of arrangements for us."

Virgin is planning two daily flights between San Francisco and Boston, three from LAX. Tickets are now on sale at the airlines website,