Tuesday, March 24, 2009

Register Now for Bonus Elite Qualifying Miles

As of Monday, all the major U.S-based airlines began offering some sort of fast track toward elite status promotion. American and United launched their promotions first, followed by the other three carriers. Here's how it works: Sign up first! I've provided links to the sign up pages below. Read the terms and conditions of the promotion carefully. In general, you are required to purchase and fly between now and June 15, 2009, and you will earn elite-qualifying miles at an accelerated rate. Elite-qualifying miles are used to calculate various elite levels within each airlines' frequent flyer program. For example, if you flew 12,500 qualifying air miles during this promotion, those would convert to 25,000 elite miles, earning you the first-tier of elite status valid through 2010. 

United: Earn double miles, all paid, published United fares.
American: Earn double miles, all paid, published American fares.
Continental: Earn double bonus miles, all paid, published Continental fares. 
Delta: Earn up to triple bonus miles, select paid, published Delta and Northwest Airlines flights.
No bonus for deeply discounted fares.
Northwest: Earn up to triple bonus miles on select paid, published Northwest, Delta and KLM flights.  No bonus for deeply discounted fares.