Monday, August 31, 2009

Recommendations for Sleeping in an Airport

By Mike Grasso
For most travelers, the idea of spending any unnecessary time in an airport makes them cringe. So the thought of sleeping in an airport would probably beyond the possibilities of imagination. That's what I said too, until I discovered a website appropriately titled, "The guide to sleeping in airports." and gave it a shot. On this site, travelers passing through a particular airport can read the stories of past travelers - super troopers if you will, who've scouted out the best spots to cuddle up for a few hours nappie.

Reviews often describe the atmosphere of the airport in the overnight hours, when few, if any, flights are operating. Key themes in the reviews often relate to the frequency of announcements in airport P.A system (think- "this is a security advisory, keep luggage with you at all times) as well as comfort and versatility of sleeping areas (i.e., post-security, away from rift raft coming in off the street, whether armrests move up so you can lay down on a set of seats). My personal experience of sleeping in airports has been pleasant, and never have I had airport personnel question me (yes, even post 9-11), or my sleeping arrangement. Of course if someone did come by, I'd kindly ask them for a pillow. =)

The novelty of sleeping in an airport probably isn't sufficient for most people to try this out. So, why do it in the first place you ask? Experienced airport nappers often cite a long connection - such as 4 or 6 hours, as the principal reason. The hassle of locating a nearby hotel, transportation, and the struggle of waking up early then re-clear security seemed a bit much, when one could simply take a nap next to the boarding gate.

Not all airports are created alike, and there are several to avoid at all costs. Few U.S., airports make the top 10 world list, yielding instead to newer, and spacious airports within Asia and Curious where San Francisco fits on the list? How about checking the ratings of your hometown airport? See all the reviews at