Sunday, February 28, 2010

Thumbs Up to Super Shuttle for Really Pulling Through

Just a quick thanks to SuperShuttle in the greater Washington D.C. Area. A few weeks ago during the east coast blizzard, transportation came to a halt - in the air and on the ground. When the snow and wind ended, everything was a bit slow to return to normalcy. The subway service to the airport was still suspended, and taxi's were few and far between. So I called SuperShuttle and they came to the rescue - or at least claimed they would. About three hours before the flight, they called and apologized they couldn't come fetch me from the hotel. Really!?

It seemed they over committed once the storm stopped, not realizing many streets still remained unplowed. So they offered to refund my SuperShuttle fare, PLUS all expenses to the airport. I found a nearby hotel shuttle with one seat left - paid the $30 and away I went. Best of all, SuperShuttle cut me an expense check within 10 days - no follow-up necessary. Way to go SuperShuttle for making things right!