Saturday, March 13, 2010

Delta Reinstates San Francisco to Los Angeles Flights

Delta and SkyTeam members will appreciate reinstated service between San Francisco and Los Angeles beginning June 10th. Delta had offered this highly competitive route in the past, but was not particularly successful at the time. Now, they are relaunching with five daily flights, staggered throughout the day, in hopes of shuttling passengers between the west coast's two busiest airports. A mix of Boeing 737's and regional jets will operate between the two cities.
Here is the schedule: (thanks to airline route updates blog for this information)

  • DL4877 SFO0650 – 0815LAX CR9 D
  • DL4867 SFO1045 – 1210LAX CR9 D
  • DL2990 SFO1500 – 1625LAX 73H D
  • DL4857 SFO1700 – 1825LAX CR9 D
  • DL2976 SFO1905 – 2030LAX 73H D
  • DL2989 LAX0700 – 0820SFO 73H D
  • DL4877 LAX0900 – 1020SFO CR9 D
  • DL4867 LAX1240 – 1400SFO CR9 D
  • DL2987 LAX1705 – 1825SFO 73H D
  • DL4857 LAX1855 – 2015SFO CR9 D