Monday, June 14, 2010

Near Live Flight Tracking in the San Francisco Bay Area

For hours of nonstop entertainment, check out SFO's Near Live Flight Track Show where you can watch Bay Area flight traffic on a radar-like program. Originally designed as part of the noise abatement program @SFO, viewers are able to track the airline, altitude, speed, flight path, origination and destination of planes flying around the Bay. The kids will love it! Even the adults will enjoy it! Keep it mind there is a slight lag time in displaying results, so a plane you see or hear over downtown SF would be shown on the radar about ten minutes later.
Click here for more information on the Live Flight Track show. Hints: If the green airplane icon does not immediately show, refresh your page. Also, after clicking the icon and Bay Area map opens, it may take up to a minute for the planes to begin loading. So be patient. The fun is just moments away. Additional instructions can be found here.

Thumbs up to SFO for this wonderful program and resource available to the general public.