Saturday, June 9, 2007

Want "A" Boarding zone for Southwest? Yes Please!

Boardfirst and Planefast are two of a handful of websites offering Southwest customers an "A" boarding pass when registering your flight information on their website. Southwest, which offers seating on a first come - first served basis, assigns the first 40 or so checked-in passengers boarding group "A", the next 40 group "B" and so on. Boardfirst and Planefast offer a service (ranging from free to $5 bucks w/a guarantee) where they will check you in automatically at midnight, when on-line check in begins each day, thereby securing you an "A" group - and first on the plane. When you wake up simply "re-print" your boarding passes at home. Boardfirst was previously sued by Southwest Airlines for such a service, but I believe they won the case.