Tuesday, April 22, 2008

What A Traveler Can Do For The Earth

Here are some great ideas to help the environment while enjoying your travels.

In Transit:
-Bring an empty water bottle through airport security, then refill it as your journey progresses
-Reuse drinking cups provided by the airlines during beverage service
-Take only brochures and pamphlets you really need
-Use public transportation instead of a rental car. Or use a Hybrid.

-Eat with a conscience; eat local food rather than items imported in by ship or plane

At A Hotel:
-Reuse your towels and linens during your stay
-Keep showers short
-Bring your own toiletries
-Unplug the in room refrigerator/mini bar if you don't plan on using it
-Turn off the lights and TV when leaving the room
-In warm climates, close the drapes to avoid afternoon heating of the room
-Recycle the complimentary newspaper offered by many hotels
-Check-out of the hotel electronically (often using the in-room TV)
Partial Contribution to this story from GreenHotels.com