Tuesday, August 19, 2008

Airline Cutbacks Arriving Soon At Oakland

Many airlines, forced to shrink capacity, are thinning routes or even dropping them entirely from their route map. Oakland Airport has been hit particularly with the downturn in the industry. The following is a recap of announced cutbacks for the next few months at Oakland International:
  • American Airlines will cease Oakland operations on September 2nd. The airline has daily non-stops to its Dallas hub.
  • Continental Airlines will also end operations the next day, September 3rd. It operates flights to its Houston hub.
  • United Airlines, which operates daily flights to Los Angeles will end on November 2nd.
  • Southwest will drop its daily non-stop to Tucson, effective November 3rd.
  • Taca Airlines, operating a daily flight to San Salvador will end on September 1st.
  • ExpressJet will end flights to Salt Lake City on September 1st.