Thursday, October 30, 2008

Want A Creepy Kick? Check Into A Deadly Hotel

Rickety old haunted houses are for lightweights. Want to really feel the fear? (You sicko.) For seekers of creepy kicks, there's nothing quite like a bona fide gruesome death site. Hotels are primo spots for dubious deeds—including big-time murders, overdoses, and suicides, as well as run-of-the-mill accidental biotoxin poisonings.

So in the spirit of a forensics-leaning Halloween, here's our list of 12 inns that hosted famous passings. They range from rock 'n' rollers' expiration sites off L.A.'s Sunset Strip to a sumptuous boutique hotel on Paris's Left Bank. Most have successfully scrubbed themselves of their dubious reputation, while a few happily trade on the notoriety. But one thing is shared by every place listed: You don't need a ghost-busting team to get a genuine shudder from their bloodstained histories. Read more
-Slideshow of Deadly Hotels