Tuesday, December 9, 2008

Modern Manners Guy Podcast: Hotel Manners

In his weekly Podcast, Modern Manners Guy (MMG) serves up quick and friendly tips to help listeners live a more pleasant life, particularly in awkward or unfamiliar situations.  Advice on wide-variety of topics such as arriving fashionably late to a party to politely informing someone their zipper is down, are covered by Mr. Manners. 

Although many of these tips apply both at home and during travels, MMG dedicated a recent Podcast specifically to manners during Hotel stays. He reminds us hotels are mini communities, and its residents should adhere to norms that make for a pleasant stay for everyone. 

So how do you handle loud neighboring guests? What acts of kindness can you carry-out at the hotel to brighten someones day, while still enjoying yours?  Visit the Modern Manners Guy for answers to these questions and many others.