Wednesday, December 10, 2008

Southwest Adjusts Summer Schedules

Southwest Airlines has released their summer schedule plans, and despite trimming nearly a dozen flights nationwide, the Bay Area is largely unaffected.

From Oakland Airport: Beginning May 9, 2009, an additional flight will be added to Albuquerque for a total of 3 daily nonstops. One additional flight to Kansas City route will result in 2 daily nonstops. Southwest will bring back a daily flight to Nashville which had previously been dropped from its schedule. Finally, Oakland will loose one flight up to Reno, but will continue to offer 3 daily nonstops.

From San Jose Airport: Overall, a loss of 2 flights on already high frequency routes. Las Vegas looses one flight, down to 8 nonstops. Los Angeles also looses a flight, but still leaves a whopping 12 daily flights still intact.

No adjustments to scheduled to/from Sacramento and San Francisco Airport were listed in their Summer schedule of changes.