Thursday, February 19, 2009

Reclining Your Airline Seat: How Do You Do It?

On occasion I've referenced particular threads of interest over on the Flyertalk forums. The Flyertalk community is full of spirited conversation about the latest trends, deals and gossip in the travel world, with side rants on almost any popular topic known to man. Last week, I found a lively discussion about the etiquette of reclining a seat in-flight. Although there have been other threads on this topic in the past, for now at least, this one has focused on self disclosure of reclination habits and observations of how others do it. If you fly enough, you know what we're talking about here. Here are a few excepts (some of the more comical ones) from the thread:

-From a passenger sitting behind Passenger 1A: "He brought his seat forward. Then whipped into recline mode......then forward to look out the window. Then.....slammed into recline...."

-"They have control of the have control of the air vent for your seat, which oddly enough if placed to its full fwd position and turned to max flow blows right on a fully reclined seat. They turn around and complain tell them if they put their seat up a couple of inches it shouldn't bother them."

-"I always have these nightmares about someone in front of me reclining quickly and snapping my laptop screen off."

-"If they are being aggressive or frequent with their seat reclines, I will ask them to be a little more considerate of my knees. Likewise, I have no problem saying something to the parent of the child behind me who insists on kicking the back of my seat."