Friday, July 25, 2008

Alaska Airlines Changes Miles Requirement for Free Travel

On Thursday, Alaska Airlines announced changes to its Mileage Plan account. Unlike recent changes to other airline frequent flyer programs, generally considered unfavorable to consumers, Alaska's announcement carries less of a sting.

For example, a domestic round-trip Coach Saver award ticket will now require 25,000 miles, compared to 20,000 points previously needed; this change aligns with most other airlines. But, the change begins November 1st, effectively allowing flyer's to redeem at the lower points level for the next few months.

Also, Alaska will offer Intra-State award travel for only 15,000 miles. Previously only available in Alaska, passengers flying wholly within AK, CA, ID, MT, OR, or WA receive a 10,000 mile reduction in the cost of award resumptions.

Other changes, including a $25 fee for booking award travel with an Alaska partner, will be instituted, but again, not until later this Fall. Click here to read the entire Alaska Airlines announcement.