Friday, September 26, 2008

Bay Area Airports and Airline Trivia (Friday Fun)

    Time to put to your local commercial aviation knowledge to the test. Here are 15 trivia questions, all relating to airports and airlines familiar to the Bay Area. Answers can be found at the bottom of the post. Have fun!

  1. Which airline will begin flying nonstop between San Francisco and Long Beach starting in mid-October?

  2. Which airline used the popular slogans, "We know why you fly" and "Something special in the air?"

  3. Which two airlines, both of which fly from the Bay Area, utilize the "mile high city" as a hub or base?

  4. Which airline was the first to fly the Airbus A380 in regular commercial air service?

  5. If you want to fly non-stop to Amsterdam from the Bay Area, what airline would you be flying?

  6. In January 2000, a plane enroute to San Francisco from Puerto Vallarta was involved in a crash off the coast of Los Angeles. Which airline did the plane belong to?

  7. Which four airlines fly non-stop between San Francisco and Seoul?

  8. True or False: Cal-Train offers direct service to San Francisco Airport?

  9. What is the name of the AC Transit bus that shuttles passengers between Oakland airport and the Oakland Coliseum?

  10. Which airline currently operates regular commercial airline service from Santa Rosa (STS) airport?

  11. Who is San Jose's airport named after?

  12. Multiple choice: Which route is not currently operating for regular commercial flights? a. SFO-Sacramento b. SFO-Santa Rosa c. SFO-Monterey d. All these routes are available

  13. Multiple choice: As of August 15, 2008, how many cities does Southwest fly non-stop out of Oakland? a. 0-10 b. 11-20 c. 21-30 d. more than 3o cities.

  14. What is the name of the Airport Lounge for Alaska Airlines?
  15. Which airline, which operates from the Bay Area, announced plans to add a special class of service on flights called, "Main Cabin Select?"
1. JetBlue 2. American 3. United, Frontier 4. Singapore 5. KLM 6. Alaska 7. United, Korean, Asiana, Singapore 8. False; BART does however. 9. AirBART 10. Horizon Airlines/Alaska 11. Norman Y Mineta, former San Jose Mayor. 12. B. 13. C. 14. Board Room. 15. Virgin America