Monday, September 8, 2008

Leading Hotels of the World $19.28 Promotion

(Thanks to Kaz @ Flyertalk)

Celebrating their 80th anniversary, Leading Hotels of the World will be offering $19.28 rooms at select properties worldwide. Choose from a grand selection of luxurious properties throughout Europe, Asia, Africa, Central and South America, The Caribbean, and right here in North America. A little work is required however, in order to secure a $19 hotel room that would otherwise sell for over $400-$500.

Here's what you do: Set your alarm clock for...early; 5am Pacific time, October 1, 2008, room inventory will open up at the discounted price for a total of 80 minutes only. Be ready to input the city, country and date(s) of stay. Promotional stays are valid November 1-December 15 only, and you are allowed a maximum of two nights at participating properties. Complete information and pre-registration here.

As with other short-spanned hotel promotions lately, space is limited - and participating hotels are not looking to fill every room at the discounted rates. So, mark your calendars now, wake up early and give it your best shot. Last month, Affinia Hotels was offering a similar limited-time only promotion, and I was able to secure a wonderful hotel in midtown for Manhattan for $88 bucks - normally priced at $325.