Tuesday, November 25, 2008

50 Travelers Wanted for Global Scavenger Hunt

Great Escape 2009 is now accepting applications for what Outside Magazine calls, "One of the 50 Most Amazing Trips in the World," that crowns The World's Greatest Travelers.™ 

Essentially A Blind Date With The World, the event is limited to 25 teams of two who will travel around the world overcoming challenging and unique culturally-oriented scavenges along with a series of thrilling interactive personal experiences in at least 10 secret nations across 4 continents.

But as life changing as participating in The Global Scavenger Hunt has been for competitors, there is much more to this event than riding elephants and camels, swimming with sharks or dolphins, visiting the great ancient souks of the world and witnessing Sahara sunrises and Himalayan sunsets--there are lives to change! The event is a global travel-a-thon platform that has participants traveling a million kilometres for the $1 million goal to raise money for life-changing organizations. Last year's event helped scores of families with micro-loans and helped construct and fund three elementary schools in Niger, Sri Lanka and Sierra Leone in conjunction with organizations like Kiva, The Nomad Foundation and Free The Children. Funds have supported Doctors without Borders, Partners in Health and CARE, among others.

Do you have the curiosity, courage and Indiana Jones-like daring to sign up for a global adventure without knowing a single destination-taking A Blind Date With The World---but knowing when the adventure ends you will have gone all the way around the world and trusted strangers in strange lands everywhere you went?

The next event is scheduled to begin April 17, 2009 and is limited to just 25 teams of two. To participate, submit your application ASAP - as teams are selected on a first-come first-service basis. Teams will be contacted and interviewed as to their suitability for the competition, including past travel experience. 

The entry fee of $9,900 per person covers all international airfare, 23-nights in First Class hotels and about 40% of meals. Visit and apply online at GlobalScavengerHunt.com or call 310.281.7809.