Monday, November 10, 2008

United Premier Exec Members Receive New Boarding Priority

According to an email from United, effective Wednesday, Premier Executive and Star Alliance Gold members will now enjoy an even higher level of boarding privileges when flying United.

Global Service, 1K's and First Class passengers will continue to board first, followed by Business Class, all via the Red-Carpet Lane. Then all Premier Executive and Star Alliance Gold members will be invited to board, through the main Economy lane. After all the "most valued" customers have boarded, boarding with resume beginning with Boarding Area 1 - including lower level Premier members.

The change essentially elevates the Premier Exec status to a level one notch up from Boarding Area 1, at least in terms of boarding order. This enables Premier Execs and those with equivalent access from partner airlines, to have more overhead space available, get adjusted to their seat, and simply relax, before the boarding of the masses.